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Has your child returned to School or University this September?

September is a period of great change whether you are retired, a working adult, parent, graduate, student, teenager, or child in normal times. Summer 2020 has ended, the leaves are starting to fall, but Covid 19 is still with us. Nurseries, Kindergartens, Schools, Colleges, and Universities are due to start in a few weeks.

Most of our young people have not been in education since March 2020. I know that some parents are very pleased that schools are now open, they have been the ones shouldering the burden of keeping their children’s education on track along with their own jobs, the house, food preparation and so much more.

Some parents have had a horrible time during lock down, coming close to a breakdown with a household full of non-compliant children and adults who are constantly hungry. Anger has been a dominant feature in some households.

When you are the taxi driver of a teenager it can be the only time, they talk to you, when they pass their test and are able to drive by themselves this can stop along with a sense of connection. If this has happened to you, you may have noticed the changes accumulating in your body for some time, a quiet dread that begins to engulf you.

For parents who have become much closer to their children during lockdown, letting them go is difficult? The biggest change is for the parents or guardians of young people going to University. Nineteen-year olds might be going on their first long drive if they have passed their test? They might be travelling by themselves for the first time. They might be disorganised.

Quite often this huge change and sense of loss can coincide with The Menopause; strong emotions can affect hormonal changes which in turn create imbalances such as itching, burning, migraines, hot flushes, skin irritations, digestion imbalances, fatigue and bladder infections!

If you have a daughter, you may have been at war with her during the whole of lockdown? What if you are the mother of a daughter and you have become best friends during lockdown?

How are you supposed to cope when your household changes so rapidly?

  • Do you feel abandoned?
  • Are you thinking of your child constantly?
  • Are you tracking their phone?
  • Are you on the edge of crying at any moment?
  • Does your chest feel heavy, like a weight on your chest?
  • Has your anxiety increased?
  • Has your diet changed to accompany your loneliness?
  • Is your sleeping pattern disturbed?
  • Do you feel out of control?
  • Are you drinking too much wine?

If you answer yes to the questions above, please get in touch.

I can help you cope with grief, loss, overwhelmed feelings, anxiety, and anger.

Warm wishes.

Lucy Teixeira



(14 Sept)

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