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COVID-19 and its impact

Covid 19

Since January we have watched the world react in different ways to the spread of the Covid 19 virus. In the United Kingdom we have seen our way of life change completely. We are a nation of nearly 68 million people made from all nations of the world.

The emotional impact of this virus is going to have long term effects for millions of people who are consumed by fear, anxiety, and trauma. I am helping many people who contact me with many of these conditions especially depression and anxiety. There are also many men and women who are working in environments that are incredibly challenging due children at home, lack of space, noise, and variable communications, this all adds to a stressful environment from which to work. A feeling of dread creeping upon that person after 6 weeks of lock down that they are forcing themselves to get through it day after day.

I run two businesses my homeopathic practice and my Weleda business, am lucky that I can continue to work during lockdown offering hair analysis and online consultations.

During the weekly clap for the NHS I have managed to have a check in with my neighbours while adhering to social distancing. I live close to Reading station, before the lock down my husband went into London most days with a daily cost of £55 for a return ticket. Whilst the weekly catch up with my neighbours and friends who are also commuters and long-haul travellers it has become clear that they will never go back to previous ways of working. ALL are expecting to work from their home office long term. They are all expecting to travel less, with meetings and pitches being held online. One of the main reasons for this is our connectivity, communications and that offices cannot accommodate spaces that adhere to social distancing. Whether it is our broadband, phone or tablet we can all communicate with people and businesses around the world and have become accustomed to talking and selling online. Zoom being my favourite for its stability and the ability to have 100’s of people on a call if necessary.

Elderly people who are over 75 have been asked to stay at home for 12 weeks, this is having a detrimental effect on their health too, many are extremely worried about catching the virus and giving it to their other half, this is a long period of isolation especially when on your own. I am helping this group usually with a consultation over the phone finding out how they are, how they are coping, what are they worried about most, would they like to improve their immunity?

How are you?


(15 May)

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