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Captain Tom Moore and my father

On April 12th, 2020 life changed completely for me and my family. My father Captain Tom Moore was due to celebrate his 100thBirthday on 31st April 2020. He is an Army Veteran who fought in WW2 at 21 years old and went to Burma in India via Cape Town, training troops on how to drive tanks and ride motorcycles.

He has lived with my sister, her husband and their children, my niece and nephew for 12 years. My mother died in 2007, after which my father lived on his own for several years until my sister and husband’s relocation enabled him to be involved with a large property that included all of them. This has worked very well with my father involved with many roles within that property including gardening, recycling and being the go-to mender and fixer. He had purpose, and enjoyed living within this environment, meeting the family for meals, and cooking for everyone as well. I saw first-hand how good living in a multigenerational household is for everyone.

18 months ago, whilst emptying the dishwasher he tripped and fell breaking his hip and deflating both lungs. He was very unwell; he endured a hip replacement and a long haul to get back to fitness. 1 year ago, a lump on his head was diagnosed as skin cancer, he received first class care from both sets of NHS staff with a team of people looking after him for many weeks.

During the Autumn of 2019, my father ordered a running machine and began walking on it to keep going through the winter months. During the Easter weekend with warm weather my father began walking up and down the paved drive. Whilst the family watched him, they discussed the possibility of him walking 100 laps to celebrate his 100th birthday and raise £1000 for the NHS charities to say thank you for all the treatment he received.

Within one week the total had gone from £1000 to £10000; by his 100th birthday and smashing his 100 laps, and after appearing on BBC1, GMB, Radio 2 and channels from all over the world he has raised almost £33million pounds. He has received calls from The Prime Minister and received multiple awards and recognitions. My sister and I have also been interviewed many times by journalists from all over the world.

I have been unable to visit my father on such a grand occasion; I like many have been disappointed not to be with loved ones on special occasions.

Symptoms I am helping with are grief, depression, stress and loss.


(22 May)

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